Rules - Tourney Club


The penalty for pitching rule violations at Tourney Club tournaments will be:

(1) Head Coach immediate ejection;

(2) The pitcher removed from the mound and the game (including other positions and batting).
You are only guaranteed a spot in our tournament if payment is received either by mail or by paying online. Submitting a deposit only holds a spot and gives you first right of refusal.
0 Games played-Full Refund or credit of tournament fee

1 Game played- 66% refund or credit of tournament fee

2 Games played-33% refund or credit of tournament fee

3 Games played- No refund

The game started equals a game played
Many venues have gate fees. Please be prepared for gate fees at most parks.
For regular tournaments, the deadline for paid teams to drop from the tournament is ten days before. Teams dropping after that but before the Monday before the event will be responsible for a $100 late drop fee. Teams dropping on or after the Monday before the tournament are responsible for the entire entry fee and will not be refunded. For 3-day weekend tournaments and special two-day events, the deadline to drop without penalty is going to fall 2-3 weeks before the event. We always send an email to all registered teams with the drop deadline on our 3-day events.

Entries of the same team in different locations or divisions in the same event will be treated as separate teams and need to withdraw according to the above policy.
We will give out Championship awards if a team has reached the Championship Game only. A tournament is not won by the team with the best pool play record, so in events where no semi-final has been completed, no awards will be distributed.
14U-18U: Metal Bat. All teams must use BBCOR -3 bats that are legal according to the National High School Federation.Wood bats are also allowed.

7U-13U: The bat must be a baseball bat which meets the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat). It shall be a smooth, rounded stick, and made of wood or material and color tested and proved acceptable to the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat). All BPF – 1.15 bats will be prohibited beginning with the 2018 season. Additionally, starting in 2018, the bat diameter shall not exceed 2 5/8.
All teams must register with Tourney Club to be eligible to play in our tournaments.
All players must be entered on the official Tourney Club roster to participate in a tournament. The roster must be turned in at the start of the weekend to the tournament director. (All players on the roster must be entered electronically and not written in.)
If a game is tied after regulation innings or when the time limit expires, the following procedures will be implemented for extra innings. The teams will play one extra inning using the IBAF Tie-Breaker, which works as follows:

Each team will begin the next inning (and any subsequent necessary extra innings in bracket play) with runners on first and second with no outs, starting with the visiting team, until a winner is determined.

At the start of the Tie-Breaker, representatives from both teams will meet at home plate and will indicate (at the same time) to the home plate umpire where their team wishes to start in their existing lineup. Teams have the option of starting the Tie-Breaker anywhere in the lineup.

Note: This is not a new lineup, and the order of names on the lineup card does not change, but teams may start at any point in that lineup. This is designed to ensure both teams have an equal chance at having what they consider their best hitters and base runners in a position to score. For example, if the team decides to have the #1 batter hit first, then the last two batters in the lineup would be placed on 1B and 2B; if the team decides to have the #3 batter hit first, the #1 batter would be placed on 2B and the #2 batter on 1B.

Once the players/runners are determined for the Tie-Breaker, the order of subsequent innings will be determined by how the previous inning ended. For example, if the 9th inning ends with the #6 batter having the last official at-bat, then the 10th inning begins with the #7 batter at the plate, and the #5 batter on 2B and the #6 batter on 1B.
Tourney Club feature time clocks on all games which have time-limits. The time clock should be kept in plain view and time should be started at the END of the plate meeting or when the home team takes the field, whichever comes first. If you believe the clock was started earlier by an umpire, please alert tournament staff immediately and do not allow the game to start! We will correct the umpire and get it right.